Choosing the Best Cat Litter Boxes

Anyone who lives with cats has to consider what kind of cat litter boxes to get. You can choose from several models, from inexpensive litter pans to self cleaning models that can cost hundreds of dollars. Be sure to consider the number of cats you own, your budget, and whether you want to pay for extra features like automatic cleaning. The following are different types of litter boxes and their advantages.

Many people are skeptical over whether or not a hooded litter box is best. You will find some people who believe that cats like the hooded litter box because they provide privacy which is important to most cats. Getting into a comfortable position in a covered litter box is often difficult for your cat since they tend to be smaller which is one disadvantage to these boxes. Another disadvantage of these boxes is that you can\’t see inside as easily which means you may forget to clean it regularly. You have to consider which you prefer, and you may want to test both types on your cat.

The self cleaning boxes made by LitterMaid save you the trouble of having to clean it yourself while still being less expensive than other models. As soon as your cat leaves the litter box, these are designed to clean away the waste. This box is equipped with a rake that automatically deposits the solids into a covered container. If you only have one cat, you only need to change the container once a week. The LitterMaid Elite Basic Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box sells for about $150 but may be found online for less.

An innovative option with a unique designed meant to keep litter inside the box and not on your floor is the CleverCat Top Entry Litterbox. Your cat will love the privacy of this award winning unit. The top entry design of this box also prevents dogs from getting into it, which can be a problem with typical litter boxes if you have both dogs and cats in the house.

There are many sizes and styles of kitty litter boxes, available in various prices. If you\’ve spent time around cats, you know they have their own personalities which you\’ll need to consider when choosing a litter box. Most cats can adjust if you want to change their habits. Fortunately, there are more options today than ever before, so if you want a litter box that\’s not as messy and smelly as the old fashioned types, you can find one.

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The Helpful Cat Litter Mat

Do you adore your little feline friend but have issues with their litter box? You are not alone. Cleaning your cat\’s litter bin can be a pain and something that is not the highlight of your day, especially if your fluff ball loves to dig. She cannot help it, the fresh litter gets her all excited to jump on in and there goes litter and dust flying in all sorts of directions (and most often in irritating mounds). If this rings a bell then you need a litter mat.

The concept behind a litter mat is trapping excess litter and keeping it in one spot instead of tracked all though your home. The kitty cannot help it. The fur around their paws traps bits of debris. A good litter mat captures a lot of that solid debris while also protecting the surrounding floor from dampness when the cat misses. While you will still have to keep up with the cat litter, taking care of the floor is much simpler with a mat. You just shake it and replace it, and periodically wash it with soap and warm water – then air dry.

Interior Design for People, Mats Made for Cats:

If your cat pans are in a visible portion of the home, from a color perspective you should have no trouble matching your decor. Just remember to get a size that comfortably accommodates your cat pan with plenty of room to spare. An extra inch or two will not break the bank, and gives greater protection to the adjacent floor or carpeting. Give your cat as much surface space as possible on which to walk before hitting carpets or floors.

By the way, if you have a playful kitty who likes punting bits of food or splashing water, cat litter mats function for double duty – use them under the feeding area in your home too. It will catch the food and water neatly.

What to Remember:

All mats are not created equal according to your cat. As a cat owner, you know that a cat can be very particular about lots of things. Be aware that a cat may not like the textured surface. This is most likely to happen in mats with deep crevices; it is too bad that those are the ones that work the best. To keep your frustration to a minimum consider this- do you like stroll around without shoes on a gravel like surface? If you do not like it, then you should get another mat, because your cat certainly will not like it either.

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Find Free Pet Samples

There are very many pet products on the market now it is near impossible to try them all with not going much over budget. There is no saying how many awesome pet products are missed out on simply to the fact that people are not sure they will like them, and they don\’t wan to spend any cash on a products so they won\’t follow through. Retailers know this and they take part of their marketing budget to take care of this very problem. They complete this by giving free samples. Testing the sample before on your pet allows you to see if your pet is going to experience a negative reaction before you waste any money on it. The samples are out there, you simply have to know how and where to find them.

Not only do they allow you to try a product before you purchase it, free samples can help you save money. If there is a specific product type you would like to sample, just do a search and see what comes up. I want to share with you three things that will help you get the free pet samples you want! You can search the internet, sign up for newsletters from free sample sites, and organize your samples by creating an email account for free samples.

One of the most famous ways to find free samples is the web. There are hundreds of ways to find a free sample online. A search is the first place to start when searching for a sample of a certain product or sample type. For instance, if you know of a new pet item that is out and you desire to see if you can find a sample of it, do a search for \”free pet products\’\’ or \”samples of pet products.\” This will pull up any free samples of pet items that are available with any specific ones you might be looking for.

Additional great ways to locate free samples is by registering for e-mail newsletters. Search for free sample newsletters and you can soon see there are many of options. You could also sign up for \”Google Alerts.\” A free plan if you have a Google email account. You could create searches for the words linked with free pet products, free samples for pets, or free products for dogs or cats. Google will always email you when something new is posted online which meets to your key search criteria. I always use this feature and enjoy it!

A good suggestion is to create a separate, free email address to use when registering up for these so they can all be in one place. This will make simpler to discern which newsletter really have useful information and which newsletters do not. You can be able to filter things and not get your regular email box full with emails that you don\’t really need to get every day.

Free samples are awesome for finding new products and for simply having fun getting items you didn\’t have to pay for! Saving free pet samples, such as brushes and shampoo, might help get you through if you are out, and prevent short minute trips to the store. Not only will you not have to go out, you save what you may have spent on the other products while at the store and the gas money. Newsletters will help you take advantage of all opportunities today! Who knows what you could find!

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What IS the Best Cat Litter?

If you are a cat owner, then chances are that you are looking for the best cat litter for your cat. Understandably so because, having a good cat litter makes a huge difference, be it for your cat or for you as the cat owner. Preferably for both you and your cat.

Cats are fussy little creatures when it comes to their litter, and they will ensure that they have a say in your choice of cat litter. If they dislike the cat litter that you have chosen, then they will be sure to \”tell\” you so! That\’s when you\’ll find your cat doing their dirty business in places other than their litter box!

For cat owners, like yourself, you would definitely not want your house to smell like a bowl of ammonia, so your preference of a premium cat litter will be to opt for one that is able to control urine and stool odor.

The following list of tips should allow you to choose the cat litter that\’s best for you and your feline companion. Careful selection will make your cat happy, and you\’ll have an easier time keeping things clean and fresh-smelling throughout the house.

When choosing a brand of cat litter, here are some things to think about:

1. Is it made of natural products or is it a synthetic one? An all natural product would be safer for your cats as they tend to lick off the cat litter from their paws after a trip to the litter box.

2. Does the cat litter produce a lot of dust and tracking? If it does, then may not be a good choice because it may create respiratory problem in your cats. Also, if produces a lot of tracking, then you may have trouble cleaning up after your kitty after each use of the litter box.

3. The texture of the cat litter. Does It appeal to your kitty? Texture is also very important. In general, most cats prefer litter which feels like sand beneath their feet. Brands of soft litter are easier on the cat\’s paws, and makes it more likely that they\’ll dig in it (both before and after they complete their business).

4. Is the litter able to cover up the small of your cat\’s urine. This is an important concern of all cat owners because you definitely would not like your whole house smelling of ammonia.

5. Is the litter eco-friendly and can it be disposed off easily?

6. Is the cat litter perfumed or odourless? Take note that some cats are sensitive to perfumes and the presences of fragrance from the litter could cause some allergies in sensitive cats.

7. How much does it cost. Take note that expensive doesn\’t necessarily mean that it\’s good.

At time of this writing, I have one very stinky neutered 8 year old male cat, one 7 year old female cat and a one year old female, all living in my house. That\’s three cats sharing obe litter box! You can imagine I have to be quite particular with what cat litter I use.

It\’s been difficult, though, trying to find one cat litter that suited everyone because we\’ve got my male who has incredibly strong urine odor. Also, the younger female can really \”Drop The Bomb\” if you know what I mean. So luckily for me, I managed to find the absolute BEST litter here for everyone.

What do I want in a litter?
* Good value
* Convenient availability (I\’m able to find it locally)
* Odor control without being heavily perfumed
* Low dust
* Low tracking
* and Clumping if possible
* And Most of All \”Natural\” and healthy for my cats

Here are the litters we tested and how they performed, from what I have found to be the best to the least favorite. It\’s important to choose the best cat litter that suits both yourself and your cat.

#1 Natures Miracle Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter – All natural pine blend is the best thing to start out on with your new kitten. Clumping litters are not recommended for kittens under 6 months old, but this stuff works great..

*Clumping formula that is easy to clean and dispose of
*Lightweight formula weighs half the weight of clay litter
*Easy to carry, pour, and dispose of
*Triple Action Odor Control system continually insures the freshest environment
*Uniquely blended natural formula with superior clumping quality
*Activates when wet to entrap, neutralize, and destroy tough odors
*Pine fragrance with natural enzymes act continually to deliver a long lasting scent
*Safe, completely biodegradable formula
*Fresh pine scent
*99% dust-free
*Good for multi-cat households or with sick cats
*Great for newly declawed kittens/cats who can begin using it immediately
*Sick cats
*Works great with automated litter boxes

#2 NextGen GreenTea Cat Litter – Kills bacteria and fights odor with Catechin. Catechin in each pellet kills bacteria and works to fight strong odor.Its Flushable: GREEN TEA LEAVES uses 100 percent all natural biodegradable 100 % natural ingredients. Daily upkeep of your cat box can be flushed down the toilet without harm.Its a Light Weight Product: GREEN TEA LEAVES is less than 1/3 the weight of conventional clay litters.It Clumps: GREEN TEA LEAVES forms small round clumps that do not break apart when scooped from the cat box. Each clump is formed under the surface of the litter which reduces exposure to the air and noticeable odors.Its Economical: GREEN TEA LEAVES is made of wood powder which is highly absorbent. It captures moisture within seconds of contact allowing it to form smaller clumps which means more effective and economical use.10 Liter Bag

#3 Dr. Elsey\’s Precious Cat – So far, this has been the best product I\’ve used, except for a couple of things – the price, that it isn\’t easily available in our area, and that the variety I tried was non-clumping. However, if you have a special needs kitty, you won\’t find a better product. The product line includes cat litters for litter training kittens, and helping pregnant cats and older cats that have litter box problems. Their items have herbs to attract cats to the litter box, and they also help kill bacteria. I found this cat litter to be 100% effective on my worst odors!

#4 Feline Pine – Owners and experts alike praise Feline Pine cat litter for its fresh scent, biodegradability (meaning it can be flushed down the bathroom . or recycled as mulch) and economy (a 20-pound bag is equivalent in usage to 60 pounds of clumping clay litter). However, some cats don\’t take to Feline Pine\’s texture, and this litter doesn\’t clump on contact with urine. If clumping is important to you, you may want to consider another large-pellet biodegradable litter that gets good reviews, World\’s Best Cat Litter (*est. $40 for 34 lbs.); however, World\’s Best is much more expensive..

#5 Worlds Best Cat Litter – The biodegradable World\’s Best Cat Litter is made from pellets of ground corn, so it can be flushed down the toilet or recycled as mulch. Unlike another recommended biodegradable cat litter, Feline Pine (*est. $12 for 20 lbs.), World\’s Best Cat Litter clumps on contact with urine, a big selling point with some reviewers since it makes the litter box easier to clean. However, owners and experts point out that this litter is more expensive than Feline Pine, and it can be dusty. As with other large-pellet cat litters, some cats simply won\’t take to its texture and will refuse to use the litter box.

#6 Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula – Clumping, fine-grained cat litters like Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula are far and away the most popular type of litter in the U.S. Owners give the slight edge to this brand over the similar Tidy Cats Scoop (*est. $17 for 27 lbs.), saying cats like its texture and its clumping makes it easy to clean. However, some pet owners are suspicious of the chemical additives that cause clay litters to clump, and others say cats tend to track fine-grained litters like Scoop Away around the house. If you\’re willing to experiment with an organic, flushable, clumping, large-grained cat litter, you might want to consider World\’s Best Cat Litter (*est. $40 for 34 lbs.), though it\’s far more expensive.

# 7 Pestell Clear Choice Low Track Silica Crystals Cat Litter
As a rule, cat experts aren\’t fond of crystal-based cat litters, which absorb moisture and neutralize odors but can irritate a cat\’s sensitive paws. The big advantage of crystal litters like Pestell Clear Choice Low Track Silica Crystals Cat Litter is that they only have to be changed about once a month. Unfortunately, urine will pool in the box once the litter becomes saturated. Most reviewers and pet owners say you (and your cat) will be better off with either a standard clumping-clay cat litter like Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula

World\’s Best Cat Litter – I only tried this litter once because it is a pricey product. I do know that many people use this litter and swear no doub it is the World\’s Best Cat Litter. I was not happy with it at all. I found it to be dusty, extremely messy, and high tracking. I also found the odor of the wet litter to be highly offensive, worse than the smell of kitty poop, actually. Why pay a higher price if a better value product is serving my needs well?

After much experimentation, I believe that Natures Miracle Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter is the most reliable litter for the value. If you have a kitty with odor problems, try this cat litter first, and if that doesn\’t resolve your odor problem, go with a Green Tea. And if you have a problem kitty, nothing beats this cat litter. It absolutely blew the competition away.

Even if it seems a little more expensive than some of the others, It will last twice as long before you need to refill. So it is by far the very best clumping, least tracking, best odor fighting and over all best economical bang for the buck.

The Green Tea Cat Litter came in a decent 2nd, but was still a good cat litter.

It\’s a toss up between \”Worlds Best\” and Dr. Elsey\’s Precious Cat\” for 3rd place. These two are a decent cat litter, but nowhere near \”Natures Miracle Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter\”

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Cat Litter Boxes And Cat Litter Have Come A Long Way

Crystal cat litter introduced a new type of technology to the least favorite job of the cat owner, dealing with cat litter boxes. While scoopable litter reduced the need to change the entire box on a daily basis, it did very little in the odor department. Traditional clay only litters have little absorbency.

No one wants first time guests in their home to immediately ask if you have a cat. Unfortunately unless a cat owner has been willing to go to the expense and bother of emptying the entire litter box every day, chances are that some odor lingers, especially in homes with more than one cat. No matter how lovable the cat, its daily constitutional is not something that the family, let alone visitors, wants or needs to share.

The invention of cat litter that is crystal based has been a blessing in removing tell-tale cat odors. The Fresh Step brand of litter provides a variety of litters for the discerning cat owner. It uses crystals that have silica gel as their base ingredient. Their mineral based crystals are like liquid magnets, absorbing moisture immediately.

These crystals capture liquid and accompanying odor until they evaporate. When combined with scoopable material, as is found in Fresh Step’s Plus Dual Action Crystals, the result is a litter box that may not need complete replacement for an entire month. Daily scooping is all that is necessary due to the odor absorbency of the crystals.

When crystal cat litters were first introduced into the marketplace, some cat experts expressed their opinions that the larger size of the crystals would be far harder on cats’ paws than the softer clay varieties. Fortunately, Fresh Step has eliminated this concern with their smaller crystal nuggets that are easy on cat feet. Even the shape of the crystals has been carefully designed to keep them in the box where they belong rather than all over the floor.

While the development of new litter technology will never be the topic of dinner table conversation, the advent of crystals is truly a significant improvement. Cat lovers have been willing to deal with the hassles and odors of cat litter boxes for many years for the sake of their pets. Thankfully this no longer needs to be case with these jewels of the cat litter world.

If you are tired of cleaning up cat litter boxes, try using automatic litter boxes instead.

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