How to Make Your Cat Adore You

Ah, the joys of being owned by a cat. Oh, whoops, I meant the joys of owning a can. If you are a first time, or potential first time, kitten or cat owner it is important to understand what your new family member will need. The necessities will include all the things your new friend will need for daily living. You will need to make a decision on how to feed your new friend. In addition, when you learn the animal\’s disposition, you will decide what type of socialization it needs. Finally, you will want to be able to determine if your cat needs to see the vet. Mastering these few areas of knowledge will lead to a long and healthy relationship with your cat.

First, let\’s address the necessities. Your new family member will need a litter box, litter, food bowl, water bowl, food, toys-both interactive and self play toys. Depending on the location of the litter box you will choose covered or uncovered. Uncovered is generally more acceptable in a garage, mud room, or laundry room. If the litter box will be in a room with a lot of human traffic you will want to think about a covered litter box.

When choosing a food dish look at the depth and width of the dish. It shouldn\’t be so deep the cat will have reservations about finishing up the food. The water bowl should be as large as needed to supply water between fill ups. After many experiences with cats, I prefer to feed the dry food and allow it to stay in the bowl at all times. However, if you have a big eater you may want to choose a certain number of feedings.

When choosing a food dish look at the depth and width of the dish. It shouldn\’t be so deep the cat will have reservations about finishing up the food. The water bowl should be as large as needed to supply water between fill ups. After many experiences with cats, I prefer to feed the dry food and allow it to stay in the bowl at all times. However, if you have a big eater you may want to choose a certain number of feedings.

When choosing a food dish look at the depth and width of the dish. It shouldn\’t be so deep the cat will have reservations about finishing up the food. The water bowl should be as large as needed to supply water between fill ups. After many experiences with cats, I prefer to feed the dry food and allow it to stay in the bowl at all times. However, if you have a big eater you may want to choose a certain number of feedings.

It is also important to know when your cat needs to see a vet. If the cat is acting strangely, aggressive, or distant, then wait a day or two. If the behavior continues it is time to see the vet. If a cat has diarrhea do not wait more than a day to take it to the vet. If a cat stops eating it is an indicator to keep an eye out for a couple of days. However, if a cat is overeating and not gaining weight take him/her to the vet immediately. Also, keep a look out for the health of your cat\’s mouth, gums and teeth. The mouth is a good way to check overall health and detect illness.

You are ready to go and enjoy your new family member. It doesn\’t take a lot, but cat ownership is gives a lot back. Good luck.

All cats are not created equal. Much of their behavioris based on how they are treated. A cat that has never had affection will not know how to interact with a human. We can teach our cats and kittens we love them and need their affection as much as they need ours.

How Many Varieties Of Cat Litter Boxes Do You Know About

It\’s important to consider you\’re cats needs as you seek out litter boxes. You want to get a box your cat won\’t object to and that he/she fits well in. On the other hand you want one that makes your life easier so you want to look for a box that minimizes odor and is self cleaning. Here we\’ll look at a few types of litter boxes that do just that.

The simple pans that you pour the litter into and clean out when necessary are the best known type of kitty litter boxes. There are numerous disadvantages that are well known with this type of litter box. These types of boxes offer no odor control since they are wide open. A covered litter box is preferred by some cats for the added privacy. You have to clean this box yourself unlike more advanced solutions. Yet there are also a few benefits to this old fashioned litter pan.

You may find it necessary to test both types of boxes and then decide which one you prefer. If you want a box that does the majority of the work for you consider the CatGenie self cleaning box which looks like a toilet only it\’s meant for cats. This system is of course more costly than a standard box because of the initial cost as well as the monthly cartridge costs. With this sanitary waste removal system you\’ll never have to scoop another litter box ever!

Many cat owners have two or more cats and wonder how many litter boxes they need. This will depend on several factors, such as how many cats you have, how well they get along and what they\’re used to. It\’s generally best to have a separate litter box for each cat but some cats don\’t mind sharing a box. You may find that each of your cats prefer a different type of box.

One of your cats may prefer a covered box while another prefers to use an open one. It\’s best to find the arrangement that works best and stick with it because don\’t like frequent changes.

If you want a box that controls odor but don\’t want to pay for a self cleaning model, the Petmate Kitty Komplete line, which only costs about $30, is a good option. Finding the best litter box for your cats and home will require you to shop around. Be sure to consider factors like price, convenience, and odor control. Check out some of the litter boxes we\’ve covered in this article and do your own research.

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How to Decide if CatGenie is Right For You

If you\’re like many cat owners, you love the idea of CatGenie, a cat box that cleans and flushes automatically, but you may be wondering if it really works as promised. Traditional boxes aren\’t something anyone looks forward to dealing with when they own a cat since they stink and cause big messes. CatGenie is an ingenious alternative that\’s basically a toilet for cats, and once you set it up there\’s not much else to worry about. This article will take you through some of the benefits, features and disadvantages of the CatGenie System.

The most attractive feature of CatGenie is that it saves you from having to deal with cat litter. Instead this system utilizes a set of washable granules especially formulated to work with the CatGenie. These granules are made to withstand constant washing and drying so you never need to change them. The granules are thus more sanitary and above all else more green for the environment since you never have to dump them anywhere. One other benefit you might like is the fact that you no longer have need of cat litter. While the Washable Granules never need changing, you do have to replace the cartridge that cleans them every 120 washes.

While most people connect it to the plumbing in their bathrooms, if you have a laundry room it can also be placed there. One other element you need for CatGenie to work is an electrical outlet close by. Any cat owning guests who visit you will probably ask you where they can get one of these for their own home!

There is a 90 day no questions asked guarantee. Aside from this, there\’s a two year warranty that covers the product so that if anything goes wrong, you can get it fixed. This company stands behind its product 100 percent with its exemplary customer service support lines, email support and toll free service lines.

Some owners of the Cat Genie system complain about the noise it makes. The fact is that during its 30 minute wash cycle it\’s unlikely that you will hear anything for most of it. There are however brief cycles which will remind you of your washing machine sounds as the water is draining. Some will find this a bit of an annoyance so you should really think about your sensitivity to sound as well as the location you intend o put it. However you won\’t ever have to hear your cat scratching around in a dirty litter box again.

So while you do have to pay a few hundred dollars for it, CatGenie offers a workable option for avoiding litter boxes forever. No one likes to deal with cat litter, and it\’s not even healthy for the environment, so you may want to think about trying this clever cat toilet instead. CatGenie is good for people who want something beyond an automatic litter box, as this is an actual toilet for cats.

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The Helpful Cat Litter Mat

Do you adore your little feline friend but have issues with their litter box? You are not alone. Cleaning your cat\’s litter bin can be a pain and something that is not the highlight of your day, especially if your fluff ball loves to dig. She cannot help it, the fresh litter gets her all excited to jump on in and there goes litter and dust flying in all sorts of directions (and most often in irritating mounds). If this rings a bell then you need a litter mat.

The concept behind a litter mat is trapping excess litter and keeping it in one spot instead of tracked all though your home. The kitty cannot help it. The fur around their paws traps bits of debris. A good litter mat captures a lot of that solid debris while also protecting the surrounding floor from dampness when the cat misses. While you will still have to keep up with the cat litter, taking care of the floor is much simpler with a mat. You just shake it and replace it, and periodically wash it with soap and warm water – then air dry.

Interior Design for People, Mats Made for Cats:

If your cat pans are in a visible portion of the home, from a color perspective you should have no trouble matching your decor. Just remember to get a size that comfortably accommodates your cat pan with plenty of room to spare. An extra inch or two will not break the bank, and gives greater protection to the adjacent floor or carpeting. Give your cat as much surface space as possible on which to walk before hitting carpets or floors.

By the way, if you have a playful kitty who likes punting bits of food or splashing water, cat litter mats function for double duty – use them under the feeding area in your home too. It will catch the food and water neatly.

What to Remember:

All mats are not created equal according to your cat. As a cat owner, you know that a cat can be very particular about lots of things. Be aware that a cat may not like the textured surface. This is most likely to happen in mats with deep crevices; it is too bad that those are the ones that work the best. To keep your frustration to a minimum consider this- do you like stroll around without shoes on a gravel like surface? If you do not like it, then you should get another mat, because your cat certainly will not like it either.

Find out which is the the top cat litter mat for you or read more litter mat reviews by the kitty critics at

A Couple Of Ways Of Cleaning Kitty Excrement

Cleaning a litter box is very painful for many people around the world. I think you should be aware of two products that make the experience more pleasant. These two cat products are the Littermaid and the litter robot.

The Litter maid uses a rake to sift through the litter and transfer the waste into a separate bag. The motor and rake which is the core of the system unfortunately breaks down easily. The main cause seems to be larger chunks from the litter gets caught under the rake and jams it.

If you do not want to take a chance with the Litter mad, then the Litter Robot is for you. It uses a sifting technique to dispose of the cat droppings and urine soaked litter. This has no rake which reduces the chance of breakdown. Most people do much better with the rotating sifting technique litter boxes rather than with the old school rake style.

I like the Littermaid because of how easy it makes waste removal. It puts the waste in the bag for you automatically. The catch is that these are special bags and you would need to buy them again. The Litter Robot makes you have to remove the tray and transfer the waste to another bag. Each of these systems work well but the Littermaid is more advantageous.

The prices can be a deterrent to many people. The Litter Robot costs more than three hundred dollars and the Litter maid is less expensive in most pet shops. Just keep in the back of your head that the Litter Robot does not need special waste bags that need replacement.

In any account, I would say that both of these systems are worth every penny. Not having the smell and hassle of cleaning traditional litter boxes makes it all justifiable.

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