Kitty Litter Boxes-Why Cats Love Automated Boxes

For those who have been using regular plastic cat litter trays which need to be cleaned out manually daily or more, you might want to consider changing over to an automated cat litter box.

By no means handle kitty litter once again. if you are the person who has the job of cleaning the kitty litter tray daily, then you may want to investigate automatic litter boxes. They are much more costly than the conventional plastic litter boxes but long term they will save you much in time and cash.

No more home smells, there’s nothing quite so revolting as the smell a cat creates when doing its business, thoroughly clean as they are, they still leave a very offensive odor, an automatic litter tray eliminates this issue immediately.

By no means need to worry about cleaning up your cats litter box again, the box operates electronically which cleans the cat tray for you by removing feces and urine.

Self cleaning Automated litter boxes are programmed to utilize a sifting procedure to scoop and clean after your cat has been within the box. Depending which brand you use the machine will go to work whilst the cat is in the tray or as soon as the cat has finished leaving your cat with a nice clean litter box and no offensive odor via the home.

Travel: Have peace of mind and leave the kitty with your kitty sitter whenever you want to travel or you have to be away for a couple of days knowing that they will never need to touch or change your kittys litter.

Train your kitty to use An Automatic Litter Tray In 5 Easy Steps

1. Place the automated litter box next to the old litter box

2. Turn on the automatic system and set it to “Run”

3. Kittys like to use a clean litter box so don’t thoroughly clean the old box but keep the new one clean and it will not be lengthy prior to they are utilizing the new box

4. Whenever you cat is comfortable with the new litter tray remove the old one.

5. If you have a nervous cat – allow them a couple of days to acclimatize prior to turning the automated litter box on since the sound may frighten them


It is suggested by the experts that you wait until your cat is home trained and happy utilizing a regular litter box before introducing him to an automated box.

Do not permit your kitten to utilize the tray until he is fully grown or at least a year old, simply because being so little they can have an accident and we would hate our kitten to hurt themselves and secondly if your litter box is loud (some brands can be) they are able to become frightened and by no means use the tray at all.

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