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LitterMaid Automatic Litter Boxes – A Review

People with cats are inclined to try to self-cleaning cat boxes rather than the traditional ones. When it comes to scooping out litter from a box daily, is a task that no one enjoys. There are many brands to choose from if you want an automatic litter box. In this article on LitterMaid cat boxes, we will be going over features and reasons for wanting this product.

LitterMaid Automatic Litter Boxes detect waste using an infrared sensor, then start cleaning about ten minutes after your cat leaves the box. Not only do you not have to clean this type box yourself, but it also helps to reduce odors because waste is disposed of quickly. You can\’t be around to clean out the box all the time, so with a traditional box, the waste can sit there for hours and stink up your house. With a LitterMaid box, wastes are raked into a covered container right away, which is a much more sanitary process.

Yet both models use the same technology that automatically rakes away waste into receptacles minutes after your cat exits the box. There are several types of high quality litter you can use with a LitterMaid box, but they recommend that you use their own natural, corn-based litter. Keeping odors down, preventing dust and tracking and clumping easily are only a few of the features of this litter. Many times when customers report a problem with their Litter Maid product it is due to the wrong type of litter. Litter Maid\’s specialized litter is a bit more expensive than other litters but will ensure proper function of your system. This is also a natural and safe litter for your cats to use.

Some LitterMaid customers have complaints about the unit jamming or not working properly. One thing you will need to do when you buy one of these boxes is to ensure you are using the right amount and the right type of litter for the box to function optimally. If you don\’t use premium clumping litter, the rake won\’t work properly. Using the right amount of litter is also an issue you will need to contend with. Over filling or under filling the box can cause problems so be sure you pay close attention to the fill line on the box. The LitterMaid box may not function properly if you don\’t pay special attention to the instructions provided.

In this article, we have seen that the LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box can be convenient by not having to scoop and clean that old fashioned litter box. However, some of these models also have glitches that users have found annoying. Now that we have given you the above information, the choice is yours.

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