There is nothing worse for cat or cat owner than a smelly litter box.

While a litter box is needed, it is probably the worst part of owning a cat. Most owners don\’t understand that it can actually present a heath risk and actually cause them to become sick. While it is a pain to clean it also can now present a health risk to everyone in the house. Fortunately for you, there are some things to make it easier and safer.

There are many new litter boxes being designed to make the job, well, easier. The hooded litter box is a great option for many cat owners. The provide a safe place for cats who might be a bit more skittish and they also do a much better job of keeping the litter in the box. They are ideal for a single cat owner as long as they are cleaned regularly. Those who do not want to handle the litter can use removable liners for these boxes. They can lift out the whole liner and throw it out. All you need to do is put in a new liner and add the fresh litter to it.

Self Cleaning Boxes

Families with multiple cats might be looking for even more help. What about a self cleaning litter box? These are widely available today and work very well. These sense when the cat enters and leaves. When the cat leaves, the box springs into action and automatically separates the used cat litter from the clean litter. This makes disposing of dirty cat litter very simple.

To help your cat learn to use the box, all you must do is place it in the right place and keep it clean. Never place the box close the area where they sleep or eat.

Once in a good spot, teach your kitten what it is for. To do this, place the cat in the box and rake your fingers through the litter. Your kitten may end up going right away. If he does, reward him with praise. If he just wants out, play with him a few minutes and then put him back in. Repeat this as you can but never force them. You don\’t want to make him frustrated.

When to use the Box?

About ten to fifteen minutes after your cat eats, put him back into the litter box. When he uses it, praise him for doing so. When he is napping, watch him so that you can take him to the litter box as he wakes up.

Remember that cats respond better to praise rather than scolding. If he becomes angry or frustrated, you will not accomplish anything. Place the box in the spot where he most often has accidents and encourage him to use it.

The cat may stop using his litter box if you don\’t keep it clean. Most cats will continue to use the litter box once he has done so several times, but you need to keep it clean. Also, a dirty litter box can lead to cat illnesses so make sure to keep it clean.

These include some fast and simple tips to keeping your cat\’s litter box clean. If you are using them your cat will probably be your best friend.

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