Toilet train your cat

Since we\’re going to discuss potty training a cat, we have to set some basic rules down. Most important one is that if you are unable to catch the cat going potty on the floor at the moment; it will not make sense at all to the cat what you do to them about it. Cats remember things like that only briefly. No rubbing the nose of the cat in it, which will only distress, or do anything whatsoever that might harm or hurt your cat. By doing these painful acts is only going to make the cat afraid of you and you will have a very difficult time training your cat to do any behaviors, or handling your cat.

Having a cat potty trained on any household toilet you will save 1000s of dollars in kitty litter. Will keep the cats area clean, safe and dry, and because a cat does not like messes this is a great way to get rid of the mess for you.

Now you wonder why someone might want to have the cat utilize the toilet rather than the cat litter box. Within the fecal, of the feline, when mixed with kitty litter could cause people of every age group to get sick. When the cat comes out of the litter box to someone, on its paws are the germs from the litter box.

With a cat being toilet trained, the feces goes under the water this will help prevent the disease from spreading. You will find devices on the market which may help you house break your cat. The devices have books to help and support you with toilet training your cat.

First, you will need to put the device in the toilet. It is basically a compact shallow version of a toilet bowl that fits beneath the ring on the toilet.

The advice is to put little bit of cat litter in the small portion of the plastic bowl. Then remove all other cat litter boxes, so the cat will simply find litter in one location. Another thought is to cover the plants on the floor, so the cat will not be able to dig in the dirt.

With the device, that you get, there may be some kind of fragrances to use on the toilet device to help attract the cat to that particular area. Leave the cat for a while in the bathroom, with the door closed, privacy is something that cats need and want. Hopefully, the cat will begin to explore the cat litter there. If there seems to be a downside to the cat going, you may want to put the litter box next to the toilet, this way the cat will get use to this and see the toilet, prior to getting the training started. In this time if you see that cat has to go, pick the cat up and put it on the toilet with the device on so that kitty will see the unit and the litter

This will take time and a lot of patience by you and some good training to the cat. The cat doesn\’t have natural instincts to go in the bathroom and go on the toilet. When a cat is older, this may be a real task as the older cats are often set in their ways and don\’t like change. With this, you will need to work with the slow approach.

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There is nothing worse for cat or cat owner than a smelly litter box.

While a litter box is needed, it is probably the worst part of owning a cat. Most owners don\’t understand that it can actually present a heath risk and actually cause them to become sick. While it is a pain to clean it also can now present a health risk to everyone in the house. Fortunately for you, there are some things to make it easier and safer.

There are many new litter boxes being designed to make the job, well, easier. The hooded litter box is a great option for many cat owners. The provide a safe place for cats who might be a bit more skittish and they also do a much better job of keeping the litter in the box. They are ideal for a single cat owner as long as they are cleaned regularly. Those who do not want to handle the litter can use removable liners for these boxes. They can lift out the whole liner and throw it out. All you need to do is put in a new liner and add the fresh litter to it.

Self Cleaning Boxes

Families with multiple cats might be looking for even more help. What about a self cleaning litter box? These are widely available today and work very well. These sense when the cat enters and leaves. When the cat leaves, the box springs into action and automatically separates the used cat litter from the clean litter. This makes disposing of dirty cat litter very simple.

To help your cat learn to use the box, all you must do is place it in the right place and keep it clean. Never place the box close the area where they sleep or eat.

Once in a good spot, teach your kitten what it is for. To do this, place the cat in the box and rake your fingers through the litter. Your kitten may end up going right away. If he does, reward him with praise. If he just wants out, play with him a few minutes and then put him back in. Repeat this as you can but never force them. You don\’t want to make him frustrated.

When to use the Box?

About ten to fifteen minutes after your cat eats, put him back into the litter box. When he uses it, praise him for doing so. When he is napping, watch him so that you can take him to the litter box as he wakes up.

Remember that cats respond better to praise rather than scolding. If he becomes angry or frustrated, you will not accomplish anything. Place the box in the spot where he most often has accidents and encourage him to use it.

The cat may stop using his litter box if you don\’t keep it clean. Most cats will continue to use the litter box once he has done so several times, but you need to keep it clean. Also, a dirty litter box can lead to cat illnesses so make sure to keep it clean.

These include some fast and simple tips to keeping your cat\’s litter box clean. If you are using them your cat will probably be your best friend.

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LitterMaid Automatic Litter Boxes – A Review

People with cats are inclined to try to self-cleaning cat boxes rather than the traditional ones. When it comes to scooping out litter from a box daily, is a task that no one enjoys. There are many brands to choose from if you want an automatic litter box. In this article on LitterMaid cat boxes, we will be going over features and reasons for wanting this product.

LitterMaid Automatic Litter Boxes detect waste using an infrared sensor, then start cleaning about ten minutes after your cat leaves the box. Not only do you not have to clean this type box yourself, but it also helps to reduce odors because waste is disposed of quickly. You can\’t be around to clean out the box all the time, so with a traditional box, the waste can sit there for hours and stink up your house. With a LitterMaid box, wastes are raked into a covered container right away, which is a much more sanitary process.

Yet both models use the same technology that automatically rakes away waste into receptacles minutes after your cat exits the box. There are several types of high quality litter you can use with a LitterMaid box, but they recommend that you use their own natural, corn-based litter. Keeping odors down, preventing dust and tracking and clumping easily are only a few of the features of this litter. Many times when customers report a problem with their Litter Maid product it is due to the wrong type of litter. Litter Maid\’s specialized litter is a bit more expensive than other litters but will ensure proper function of your system. This is also a natural and safe litter for your cats to use.

Some LitterMaid customers have complaints about the unit jamming or not working properly. One thing you will need to do when you buy one of these boxes is to ensure you are using the right amount and the right type of litter for the box to function optimally. If you don\’t use premium clumping litter, the rake won\’t work properly. Using the right amount of litter is also an issue you will need to contend with. Over filling or under filling the box can cause problems so be sure you pay close attention to the fill line on the box. The LitterMaid box may not function properly if you don\’t pay special attention to the instructions provided.

In this article, we have seen that the LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box can be convenient by not having to scoop and clean that old fashioned litter box. However, some of these models also have glitches that users have found annoying. Now that we have given you the above information, the choice is yours.

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The Best Way To Litter Train Kittens

The most effective way to litter train kittens is usually to leave them with their mother until they\’re a minimum of a dozen weeks old. Assuming that their mother is litter trained, she\’s going to show them the way to make use of the kitty litter box. But if this isn\’t an choice for you, you will have to work significantly harder to litter train your kittens, yet within the end it\’ll be worth it. Inside the sentences that follow I am going to provide you with a number of tips on how to litter train kittens.

Very first, find a good spot for the litter box. Usually kittens, like people will want a little privacy whenever they take care of their business. Remember to keep the cat litter box as far away from the kitten\’s food dish as feasible. After that fill up the kitty litter box with two to 3 inches of cat litter.

Next, get your kitten accustomed to the cat litter box. Position your kitten in to the cat litter box and move its paws in a burrowing motion. Many kittens will naturally realize what to do next, while you may have to repeat this with others quite a few times. Half an hour after a meal or following playtime, repeat this and at some point your kitten will learn what to do.

Next, if your kitten uses the bathroom anyplace but within the litter box, bring it to the scene of the crime and let it sniff around for a tad. Then put it into its litter box and move its paws in a digging motion. This may train it to connect the kitty litter box with going to the toilet. When your kitten has an accident, in no way scream at it or it\’ll be a lot more likely to hide from you when it wants to utilize the bathroom.

Last but not least, scoop the cat litter box a minimum of once per day: twice per day is even better. Keep the litter box really clean as kittens do not like to use filthy kitty litter boxes. Every two weeks you ought to give the cat litter box a thorough washing. Empty all the old litter and employ a pet cleanser to clean the inside of the box. After that replenish it with fresh kitty litter.

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Choosing the Best Cat Litter Boxes

Anyone who lives with cats has to consider what kind of cat litter boxes to get. You can choose from several models, from inexpensive litter pans to self cleaning models that can cost hundreds of dollars. Be sure to consider the number of cats you own, your budget, and whether you want to pay for extra features like automatic cleaning. The following are different types of litter boxes and their advantages.

Many people are skeptical over whether or not a hooded litter box is best. You will find some people who believe that cats like the hooded litter box because they provide privacy which is important to most cats. Getting into a comfortable position in a covered litter box is often difficult for your cat since they tend to be smaller which is one disadvantage to these boxes. Another disadvantage of these boxes is that you can\’t see inside as easily which means you may forget to clean it regularly. You have to consider which you prefer, and you may want to test both types on your cat.

The self cleaning boxes made by LitterMaid save you the trouble of having to clean it yourself while still being less expensive than other models. As soon as your cat leaves the litter box, these are designed to clean away the waste. This box is equipped with a rake that automatically deposits the solids into a covered container. If you only have one cat, you only need to change the container once a week. The LitterMaid Elite Basic Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box sells for about $150 but may be found online for less.

An innovative option with a unique designed meant to keep litter inside the box and not on your floor is the CleverCat Top Entry Litterbox. Your cat will love the privacy of this award winning unit. The top entry design of this box also prevents dogs from getting into it, which can be a problem with typical litter boxes if you have both dogs and cats in the house.

There are many sizes and styles of kitty litter boxes, available in various prices. If you\’ve spent time around cats, you know they have their own personalities which you\’ll need to consider when choosing a litter box. Most cats can adjust if you want to change their habits. Fortunately, there are more options today than ever before, so if you want a litter box that\’s not as messy and smelly as the old fashioned types, you can find one.

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