Cat Litter Boxes And Cat Litter Have Come A Long Way

Crystal cat litter introduced a new type of technology to the least favorite job of the cat owner, dealing with cat litter boxes. While scoopable litter reduced the need to change the entire box on a daily basis, it did very little in the odor department. Traditional clay only litters have little absorbency.

No one wants first time guests in their home to immediately ask if you have a cat. Unfortunately unless a cat owner has been willing to go to the expense and bother of emptying the entire litter box every day, chances are that some odor lingers, especially in homes with more than one cat. No matter how lovable the cat, its daily constitutional is not something that the family, let alone visitors, wants or needs to share.

The invention of cat litter that is crystal based has been a blessing in removing tell-tale cat odors. The Fresh Step brand of litter provides a variety of litters for the discerning cat owner. It uses crystals that have silica gel as their base ingredient. Their mineral based crystals are like liquid magnets, absorbing moisture immediately.

These crystals capture liquid and accompanying odor until they evaporate. When combined with scoopable material, as is found in Fresh Step’s Plus Dual Action Crystals, the result is a litter box that may not need complete replacement for an entire month. Daily scooping is all that is necessary due to the odor absorbency of the crystals.

When crystal cat litters were first introduced into the marketplace, some cat experts expressed their opinions that the larger size of the crystals would be far harder on cats’ paws than the softer clay varieties. Fortunately, Fresh Step has eliminated this concern with their smaller crystal nuggets that are easy on cat feet. Even the shape of the crystals has been carefully designed to keep them in the box where they belong rather than all over the floor.

While the development of new litter technology will never be the topic of dinner table conversation, the advent of crystals is truly a significant improvement. Cat lovers have been willing to deal with the hassles and odors of cat litter boxes for many years for the sake of their pets. Thankfully this no longer needs to be case with these jewels of the cat litter world.

If you are tired of cleaning up cat litter boxes, try using automatic litter boxes instead.

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