How Many Varieties Of Cat Litter Boxes Do You Know About

It\’s important to consider you\’re cats needs as you seek out litter boxes. You want to get a box your cat won\’t object to and that he/she fits well in. On the other hand you want one that makes your life easier so you want to look for a box that minimizes odor and is self cleaning. Here we\’ll look at a few types of litter boxes that do just that.

The simple pans that you pour the litter into and clean out when necessary are the best known type of kitty litter boxes. There are numerous disadvantages that are well known with this type of litter box. These types of boxes offer no odor control since they are wide open. A covered litter box is preferred by some cats for the added privacy. You have to clean this box yourself unlike more advanced solutions. Yet there are also a few benefits to this old fashioned litter pan.

You may find it necessary to test both types of boxes and then decide which one you prefer. If you want a box that does the majority of the work for you consider the CatGenie self cleaning box which looks like a toilet only it\’s meant for cats. This system is of course more costly than a standard box because of the initial cost as well as the monthly cartridge costs. With this sanitary waste removal system you\’ll never have to scoop another litter box ever!

Many cat owners have two or more cats and wonder how many litter boxes they need. This will depend on several factors, such as how many cats you have, how well they get along and what they\’re used to. It\’s generally best to have a separate litter box for each cat but some cats don\’t mind sharing a box. You may find that each of your cats prefer a different type of box.

One of your cats may prefer a covered box while another prefers to use an open one. It\’s best to find the arrangement that works best and stick with it because don\’t like frequent changes.

If you want a box that controls odor but don\’t want to pay for a self cleaning model, the Petmate Kitty Komplete line, which only costs about $30, is a good option. Finding the best litter box for your cats and home will require you to shop around. Be sure to consider factors like price, convenience, and odor control. Check out some of the litter boxes we\’ve covered in this article and do your own research.

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