Finding the Right Kitty Litter for Your Kitten

There are numerous brands of cat litter on the market. Due to the number of brands and types available, you just about need to be an experienced owner to select the ideal product for your cat. Many owners use an experimental approach or read the many articles available such as this one on cat litter brands. Often, the amount of information available makes it impossible to decide, let alone more bewildering. The truth is that some experimentation is required. Also, unique formulations may be needed that are selected with the needs of cats with problems like urination outside the litter box and respiratory concerns.

Thirty years back, the only type of litter available was clay litter. The main benefit of clay litter is it is by some way the most cost-effective sort of cat. However , there are plenty of downsides to using clay kitty litter. It doesn’t clump, suggesting that pee spots have a tendency to stay soggy and cannot be scooped out. It has also got poor odour control and produces a lot of dust, which can be a serious drawback for cat owners with asthma or allergies or for kittens with feline asthma. Most kinds of clay litter will say either clay litter or non-clumping litter to distinguish it from the clumping litters.

The majority of today\’s feline owners like a litter where clumps are formed and can be easily removed. The main benefit of clumping litter is that it contains elements that can absorb urine that clumps together when moist to form into material that may be pulled out of the kitty litter box in one piece. These feline litters have a tendency to have outstanding odor elimination properties, and are ideal for small houses or dwellings with one or more cats. Cats seem to favor these kitty litters over clay litter. However , popular brands of clumping litters are significantly more pricey than lower priced litters. You may also be aware of some health worries pertaining to some of the components used in these brands of litters. Silica quartz, which is found in several litters that clump, is a known cancer risk when dust is inhaled.Users of this type of litter are reminded to use a mask when discarding or scooping, or anytime there is a risk of dust being inhaled. Some cat owners have also asked some level of concern pertaining to the chance of an digestive tract blockage due to ingestion of the clumping litter by cats during grooming. Most doctors consider this is a particularly nominal concern, as it might be really unusual for a cat to ingest the quantity of litter that would be required to lead to a blockage.

Some litters are specially designed for cats with medical or behavior issues. If your kitten has any festering wounds or has just recently had surgery, you\’ll need a paper-based litter,eg Yesterdays News, since it is less likely to interfere with open wounds.. For cats with breathing issues like feline asthma, clay based and clumping litters are not ideal the dust that’s emitted from the litter when disturbed could irritate the airways. For these cats a paper or wood-based litter, such as Feline Pine Is ideal. For kitties who have some issues with inappropriate elimination outside the litter box, litter additives such as Pussy Attract Can be useful. The downside to employing a speciality litter is that they can be costly and are not freely available.

When picking out a litter for your kitty, keep your kitten or cat in mind as well as your own requirements. If your cat is fussy or has medical problems, you might want to shell out the extra cash for a specialty litter. If your pussy-cat has has no health problems or isn\’t picky and your apartment or home is sufficiently big that you have a convenient spot for the litter box, you may want to just economize and purchase the lower cost option and choose the litter made out of clay. Whatever you choose, know that you need to possibly experiment and change brands once in a while and ensure the cat or kitten likes or goes along with your choice.

The author, Cathy Doggins, is an authority on concerns. You can read more articles by Cathy by visiting She is the author of many articles on cat care, such as this resource on litter selection. When not writing about cats. the author can be found playing with her two cats, Jeckly and Hyde, as well as volunteering at a local cat rescue, an activity she encourages all readers to participate in.

What IS the Best Cat Litter?

If you are a cat owner, then chances are that you are looking for the best cat litter for your cat. Understandably so because, having a good cat litter makes a huge difference, be it for your cat or for you as the cat owner. Preferably for both you and your cat.

Cats are fussy little creatures when it comes to their litter, and they will ensure that they have a say in your choice of cat litter. If they dislike the cat litter that you have chosen, then they will be sure to \”tell\” you so! That\’s when you\’ll find your cat doing their dirty business in places other than their litter box!

For cat owners, like yourself, you would definitely not want your house to smell like a bowl of ammonia, so your preference of a premium cat litter will be to opt for one that is able to control urine and stool odor.

The following list of tips should allow you to choose the cat litter that\’s best for you and your feline companion. Careful selection will make your cat happy, and you\’ll have an easier time keeping things clean and fresh-smelling throughout the house.

When choosing a brand of cat litter, here are some things to think about:

1. Is it made of natural products or is it a synthetic one? An all natural product would be safer for your cats as they tend to lick off the cat litter from their paws after a trip to the litter box.

2. Does the cat litter produce a lot of dust and tracking? If it does, then may not be a good choice because it may create respiratory problem in your cats. Also, if produces a lot of tracking, then you may have trouble cleaning up after your kitty after each use of the litter box.

3. The texture of the cat litter. Does It appeal to your kitty? Texture is also very important. In general, most cats prefer litter which feels like sand beneath their feet. Brands of soft litter are easier on the cat\’s paws, and makes it more likely that they\’ll dig in it (both before and after they complete their business).

4. Is the litter able to cover up the small of your cat\’s urine. This is an important concern of all cat owners because you definitely would not like your whole house smelling of ammonia.

5. Is the litter eco-friendly and can it be disposed off easily?

6. Is the cat litter perfumed or odourless? Take note that some cats are sensitive to perfumes and the presences of fragrance from the litter could cause some allergies in sensitive cats.

7. How much does it cost. Take note that expensive doesn\’t necessarily mean that it\’s good.

At time of this writing, I have one very stinky neutered 8 year old male cat, one 7 year old female cat and a one year old female, all living in my house. That\’s three cats sharing obe litter box! You can imagine I have to be quite particular with what cat litter I use.

It\’s been difficult, though, trying to find one cat litter that suited everyone because we\’ve got my male who has incredibly strong urine odor. Also, the younger female can really \”Drop The Bomb\” if you know what I mean. So luckily for me, I managed to find the absolute BEST litter here for everyone.

What do I want in a litter?
* Good value
* Convenient availability (I\’m able to find it locally)
* Odor control without being heavily perfumed
* Low dust
* Low tracking
* and Clumping if possible
* And Most of All \”Natural\” and healthy for my cats

Here are the litters we tested and how they performed, from what I have found to be the best to the least favorite. It\’s important to choose the best cat litter that suits both yourself and your cat.

#1 Natures Miracle Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter – All natural pine blend is the best thing to start out on with your new kitten. Clumping litters are not recommended for kittens under 6 months old, but this stuff works great..

*Clumping formula that is easy to clean and dispose of
*Lightweight formula weighs half the weight of clay litter
*Easy to carry, pour, and dispose of
*Triple Action Odor Control system continually insures the freshest environment
*Uniquely blended natural formula with superior clumping quality
*Activates when wet to entrap, neutralize, and destroy tough odors
*Pine fragrance with natural enzymes act continually to deliver a long lasting scent
*Safe, completely biodegradable formula
*Fresh pine scent
*99% dust-free
*Good for multi-cat households or with sick cats
*Great for newly declawed kittens/cats who can begin using it immediately
*Sick cats
*Works great with automated litter boxes

#2 NextGen GreenTea Cat Litter – Kills bacteria and fights odor with Catechin. Catechin in each pellet kills bacteria and works to fight strong odor.Its Flushable: GREEN TEA LEAVES uses 100 percent all natural biodegradable 100 % natural ingredients. Daily upkeep of your cat box can be flushed down the toilet without harm.Its a Light Weight Product: GREEN TEA LEAVES is less than 1/3 the weight of conventional clay litters.It Clumps: GREEN TEA LEAVES forms small round clumps that do not break apart when scooped from the cat box. Each clump is formed under the surface of the litter which reduces exposure to the air and noticeable odors.Its Economical: GREEN TEA LEAVES is made of wood powder which is highly absorbent. It captures moisture within seconds of contact allowing it to form smaller clumps which means more effective and economical use.10 Liter Bag

#3 Dr. Elsey\’s Precious Cat – So far, this has been the best product I\’ve used, except for a couple of things – the price, that it isn\’t easily available in our area, and that the variety I tried was non-clumping. However, if you have a special needs kitty, you won\’t find a better product. The product line includes cat litters for litter training kittens, and helping pregnant cats and older cats that have litter box problems. Their items have herbs to attract cats to the litter box, and they also help kill bacteria. I found this cat litter to be 100% effective on my worst odors!

#4 Feline Pine – Owners and experts alike praise Feline Pine cat litter for its fresh scent, biodegradability (meaning it can be flushed down the bathroom . or recycled as mulch) and economy (a 20-pound bag is equivalent in usage to 60 pounds of clumping clay litter). However, some cats don\’t take to Feline Pine\’s texture, and this litter doesn\’t clump on contact with urine. If clumping is important to you, you may want to consider another large-pellet biodegradable litter that gets good reviews, World\’s Best Cat Litter (*est. $40 for 34 lbs.); however, World\’s Best is much more expensive..

#5 Worlds Best Cat Litter – The biodegradable World\’s Best Cat Litter is made from pellets of ground corn, so it can be flushed down the toilet or recycled as mulch. Unlike another recommended biodegradable cat litter, Feline Pine (*est. $12 for 20 lbs.), World\’s Best Cat Litter clumps on contact with urine, a big selling point with some reviewers since it makes the litter box easier to clean. However, owners and experts point out that this litter is more expensive than Feline Pine, and it can be dusty. As with other large-pellet cat litters, some cats simply won\’t take to its texture and will refuse to use the litter box.

#6 Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula – Clumping, fine-grained cat litters like Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula are far and away the most popular type of litter in the U.S. Owners give the slight edge to this brand over the similar Tidy Cats Scoop (*est. $17 for 27 lbs.), saying cats like its texture and its clumping makes it easy to clean. However, some pet owners are suspicious of the chemical additives that cause clay litters to clump, and others say cats tend to track fine-grained litters like Scoop Away around the house. If you\’re willing to experiment with an organic, flushable, clumping, large-grained cat litter, you might want to consider World\’s Best Cat Litter (*est. $40 for 34 lbs.), though it\’s far more expensive.

# 7 Pestell Clear Choice Low Track Silica Crystals Cat Litter
As a rule, cat experts aren\’t fond of crystal-based cat litters, which absorb moisture and neutralize odors but can irritate a cat\’s sensitive paws. The big advantage of crystal litters like Pestell Clear Choice Low Track Silica Crystals Cat Litter is that they only have to be changed about once a month. Unfortunately, urine will pool in the box once the litter becomes saturated. Most reviewers and pet owners say you (and your cat) will be better off with either a standard clumping-clay cat litter like Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula

World\’s Best Cat Litter – I only tried this litter once because it is a pricey product. I do know that many people use this litter and swear no doub it is the World\’s Best Cat Litter. I was not happy with it at all. I found it to be dusty, extremely messy, and high tracking. I also found the odor of the wet litter to be highly offensive, worse than the smell of kitty poop, actually. Why pay a higher price if a better value product is serving my needs well?

After much experimentation, I believe that Natures Miracle Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter is the most reliable litter for the value. If you have a kitty with odor problems, try this cat litter first, and if that doesn\’t resolve your odor problem, go with a Green Tea. And if you have a problem kitty, nothing beats this cat litter. It absolutely blew the competition away.

Even if it seems a little more expensive than some of the others, It will last twice as long before you need to refill. So it is by far the very best clumping, least tracking, best odor fighting and over all best economical bang for the buck.

The Green Tea Cat Litter came in a decent 2nd, but was still a good cat litter.

It\’s a toss up between \”Worlds Best\” and Dr. Elsey\’s Precious Cat\” for 3rd place. These two are a decent cat litter, but nowhere near \”Natures Miracle Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter\”

Learn more about The Best Cat Litter. Stop by Cat Training News where you can find out all about Cat Litter and what it can do for you.

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Kitty Litter Boxes-Why Cats Love Automated Boxes

For those who have been using regular plastic cat litter trays which need to be cleaned out manually daily or more, you might want to consider changing over to an automated cat litter box.

By no means handle kitty litter once again. if you are the person who has the job of cleaning the kitty litter tray daily, then you may want to investigate automatic litter boxes. They are much more costly than the conventional plastic litter boxes but long term they will save you much in time and cash.

No more home smells, there’s nothing quite so revolting as the smell a cat creates when doing its business, thoroughly clean as they are, they still leave a very offensive odor, an automatic litter tray eliminates this issue immediately.

By no means need to worry about cleaning up your cats litter box again, the box operates electronically which cleans the cat tray for you by removing feces and urine.

Self cleaning Automated litter boxes are programmed to utilize a sifting procedure to scoop and clean after your cat has been within the box. Depending which brand you use the machine will go to work whilst the cat is in the tray or as soon as the cat has finished leaving your cat with a nice clean litter box and no offensive odor via the home.

Travel: Have peace of mind and leave the kitty with your kitty sitter whenever you want to travel or you have to be away for a couple of days knowing that they will never need to touch or change your kittys litter.

Train your kitty to use An Automatic Litter Tray In 5 Easy Steps

1. Place the automated litter box next to the old litter box

2. Turn on the automatic system and set it to “Run”

3. Kittys like to use a clean litter box so don’t thoroughly clean the old box but keep the new one clean and it will not be lengthy prior to they are utilizing the new box

4. Whenever you cat is comfortable with the new litter tray remove the old one.

5. If you have a nervous cat – allow them a couple of days to acclimatize prior to turning the automated litter box on since the sound may frighten them


It is suggested by the experts that you wait until your cat is home trained and happy utilizing a regular litter box before introducing him to an automated box.

Do not permit your kitten to utilize the tray until he is fully grown or at least a year old, simply because being so little they can have an accident and we would hate our kitten to hurt themselves and secondly if your litter box is loud (some brands can be) they are able to become frightened and by no means use the tray at all.

For more on Liz Gardner’s automatic kitty litter boxes and reviews please visit her site now!

Take Into Account The Best Cat Fill

Pine cat litter is probably one of the newer litters in the marketplace. Unlike conventional clay-based and even modern clumping litters, pine litter have their own personal natural stench management due to their organic odor-killing qualities regarding pine. For that reason, it is used often by pet masters as it greatly minimizes box smell within the house.

Most people initially are put off by the price. Plus, as compared with the clumping selection, it is most likely about two times the cost simply by volume. However, it functions by utilizing pine pellets which have been compressed timber, so that as these types of pellets become wet, they transform into sawdust. The saw dust alone can then in fact process much more liquid. For that reason, per use, it is really about as cost beneficial as more traditional sorts.

Then again there is 1 negative aspect which is that lots of cats do not like to utilize it. The pellets by themselves may be tough for the paws, and lots of cats and kittens never get used to that. Therefore, needless to say, your current cat’s opinion is going to be the main element in the long run when it comes to choosing the kind of littler you will purchase. If however your current kitty seems to keep away from the ### at first, it is possible to start a “break-in” period of time. Combine your cat’s typical fill together with pine, beginning by way of a little of the pine plus a bigger quantity of the regular litter. Slowly but surely decrease the quantity of normal and also boost the volume of pine utilized until eventually you’re using all pine fill. Several cats do get accustomed to utilizing pine like this, although a few don’t. In case your kitty doesn’t, naturally, then that will not be for you personally. Obviously there aren’t any advantages if your cat won’t even make use of the box.

Many pet masters choose to use mostly pine with hardly any conventional litter scattered over that for good. This provides them the smell handle of the pine litter using its benefits, and yet preserves felines pleasant so that they are going to make use of the box should they hate pine.

One particular main concern about pine litter is always that it smells fairly powerfully of pine. Despite the fact that that is enjoyable to humans, it really is uncomfortable for cats’ sensitive noses. For that reason, this particular litter may not be a product your kitty prefers because of the smell it exudes. You should know, however, that there is zero contaminated pine oils inside the fill itself any longer. They may have already been eradicated and it is perfectly safe for kitties to utilize.

As a final point, should you reside somewhere where your current litter can be composted, pine feline fill is often a compostable substance when fecal material are taken out. This can be a great environmental benefit to using pine over alternative kinds of fill. The next say, of course, will certainly result from your kitten. If he or she likes it, then it is a good and value effective solution to deal with stench at your residence and tends to make maintaining your cat litter trays more convenient. If he or she does not, that’s most likely you’ll want to stay with your current litter.

Should you get kitty fill around the house you may want to try buying a high density foam to help contain the area. Many kinds of foam will actually help secure the fill box to prevent it from moving.

Clumping Or Non-Clumping Cat Litter – A Personal Choice

Is all cat litter just alike? Is low priced cat litter as good as expensive one? Some may think so and simply go for the cheapest solution available. As so often it is not only a question of price but rather of personal preference that determines which your and your cat’s favorite litter will be. Let’s take a closer look at the two widely used clay based litters, clumping and non clumping cat litter.

Clay Based Cat Litter – The Basics

Clay litter, regardless if clumping or non-clumping works more or less in the same way: the litter absorbs the cat’s urine and covers the feces. The goal is to bind liquids and to prevent bad odor. To accomplish this even better certain brands contain things like carbon and/or fragrances.

Between clumping and non-clumping cat litter, which one should you choose?

Clumping cat litter has the advantage that the urine clumps the litter together which makes it very easy to scoop those out together with the solid waste. Changing the complete content of the cat litter box is usually only in intervals of four to six weeks necessary. At this point it’s also a good idea to disinfect the box before refilling to prevent bacteria growth. Inbetween simply replace the amount you scoop out daily.

Similar to clumping litter, non-clumping kitty litter may have additional ingredients besides dried and granulated clay. Fragrances, carbon or baking soda may be added in order to keep things fresher and better smelling. Solid waste can be scooped out in the same manner as it’s done with clumping litter but the cat’s urine will only be absorbed by the clay without building clumps. Over time the saturated clay will accumulate at the bottom of the litter box. About once a week this build-up needs to be removed by emptying the whole box. If you have a larger cat or more than one you will have to do this most likely in shorter intervals.

If you want to use a clay based cat litter and forego other options like biodegradable litter or silica gel based products then the best course of action is to try either type, clumping and non-clumping. Cats usually accept both and it is up to you to determine what suits you better, daily scooping and replacing or dumping the litter boxes content in shorter intervals.

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