Automatic Litter Box Reviews, Which Is Best?

Every person likes a small furry cat however not everybody likes the not-so-little mess which they generally leave behind. Fortunately, new cat litter boxes have come in outlets and coping with the mess is nothing like before. While larger than the regular kitten pan, automatic cleaners all however get rid of the requirement for litter cleaning. In case you\’re doubtful of what to purchase, take a look at automatic litter box reviews to provide you a leg up.

Two popular kitten litter containers, the Litter Robot and Cat Genie are 2 extremely common brands. The Litter Robot, that is similar to an old diving helmet, is the less difficult of these two. It works with any kind of clumping litter, and it sifts itself as well as deposits kitten waste in the big container on the bottom of the container. With a round the container cover and a carbon filter, the Litter Robot tremendously lessens the odour of a typical kitten container. Accessible in white, beige, black, or even an ecological grey units made from reused plastics, the litter container can easily fit in with any kind of decoration. For the slightly bigger cat, their is a long litter robot model with additional wiggle space. A front situated step could help the less sporty kitten.

Because this litter box does not use rakes or grates like automatic litter boxes we are used to saying, their is virtually no maintenance. The only con to this litter box is the high price tag. Just make sure you have a big enough area to put it.

The Kitten Genie automatic litter box offers a totally different system. Appearing a lot like a normal toilet unit and almost as big in diameter, the Kitten Genie makes use of permanent granules as well as a liquefying system to take out pet mess as well as waste. After being cleansed of mess, the granules are scrubbed and then washed by the machine and dried out for cat convenience. The waste is gathered in a box to be flushed later on, or if preferred, it could be connected by means of a normal hose to a water connection for automatic removal. The sanitizing method must be improved, the granules must be changed every year, as well as the water sensor must be washed once in a while, however that is all the care the unit claims to need.

The Cat Genie seems like the litter box sent from heaven, but there are some drawbacks. Installation can be tricky and you must be able to put this machine near a water line. Also, a few reviewers noted that the device did not dry the granules all the way, making kitty unhappy when he comes back for his next visit.

Marked at around $350 and $250 respectively, nor system comes inexpensive and there is absolutely no guarantee your kitten is going to be interested in such a complicated system. Luckily, both are available in refund offers in the case of an uncooperative pet! In either case, look around to check out more automatic litter box reviews!

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Important Information Regarding the LitterMaid Self Cleaning Litter boxes

If the fate of your feline depends on its litter box you might want to consider looking into a LitterMaid Self Cleaning litter box product. You will find a lot of different models and probably lot of different opinions about each model as well. The article you are about to read will take you through a few of the pros and cons of the LitterMaid products.

The LitterMaid LMS9000 Elite is the larger self-cleaning litter box that does well for larger cats and multiple cat household. If you have an extra large cat, it\’s important to get a litter box that\’s large enough. A smaller cat box can have issues, as most cats like to use it at the same time. The LitterMaid Elite measures 28\” by 20 by 81/2\”, so this gives your cat plenty of room, the sensor will start to clean a few minutes after a cat leaves the box. Take in consideration that this heavy duty automatic litter box has a iconic air cleaner as well as four carbon filters and four waster receptacles.

Yet both models use the same technology that automatically rakes away waste into receptacles minutes after your cat exits the box.

This cover is made of waterproof vinyl, is easily cleaned, and also helps to control odors. You can also get a Kitty Kabana litter box cover which gives your litter box a nicer appearance. These covers can make the litter box more sanitary and many cats prefer using covered boxes but they need to be purchased separately.

The biggest complaint among LitterMaid box users is that the cleaning rake will sometimes jam. Furthermore, the rake doesn\’t always succeed at getting all of the wastes into the container, so it\’s not a perfect solution. You need to clean the rake on a regular basis because it can become clogged by the clumping litter.

You never have to clean a dirty liter box again with this alternative. On the other hand, you have to consider that this type of litter box costs more than a traditional one, and some users have had issues with the rake not working as it\’s supposed to. The truth is when it comes to litter boxes there\’s not an ideal solution, so you really must decide what the best type for you is.

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